About a year and half ago while pregnant and unable to sleep I had an epiphany in how we could pay off some student loans and still let me stay at home with the kiddos. Sell our house in the city, move 50 miles away and live in my parents cabin in the country. I figured when Isaiah woke up and I proposed my idea he would tell me I was crazy. Nope, just the opposite, he thought it was a great idea.

As of yesterday we are officially moved and have started this new adventure. So I thought it might be fun to chronicle the experiences ¬†of our little family living in the country. There are many people who doubt I can make it living so far outside of town and surrounded by wildlife and dirt. But I have decided to embrace this new environment. So far Dad and Isaiah have built a fence around my new garden (currently containing thriving pumpkin plants). I’m excited to see what I can grow next spring since I currently have no clue if there is anything I can plant during the summer.

There are so many things to learn and experience. What to do first????

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