It’s happening, it’s happening I’ve officially launch my business. I have loved thinking, planning and watching all the pieces fall into place. One of the hardest things I’ve run into is holding myself back from creating all of the fun product ideas floating around in my head. However, I want to be careful with my time and resources. So for now I’m focusing on the task at hand. Making 8 oz. and 16 oz. Mason jar candles and being prepared to sell them in person and online.

Initially I didn’t want to put anything online regarding what I was working on until all the pieces were in place. Then my joy and excitement of having made the first batch of candles became more than I could contain. I had to publish the Unexpected Country Girl facebook page. I set it up over a month ago with the intention of not hitting publish until everything was ready, including my newly designed website.  Having forgot that my website was linked to the page  (I mean, I did set it up over a month ago), I was surprised when a couple people commented on having looked at my blog. “Oh no” I thought “it’s not ready and doesn’t look anything like I wanted it to”. This was a teachable moment for me. A chance to be reminded  to accept when things aren’t as I imagined (even for something this small) and be thankful that people were interested enough to even look at.

I set a deadline to have product ready and the website up by Thursday. I was excited to have something I could donate as a prize for our MOMS group bunco fundraiser, I just needed to actually get candles made for this happen.

As of today, the candles are made and almost all of them have tags. The website is just about finished. I’ve set up ways to receive payments and make invoices. And with each to do item we finish it becomes more and more real. I am so excited to see where the Lord leads me and watching my new hobby turn into an actual business.


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