Having never done a market before and very rarely going to outdoor markets in general, I just wasn’t sure what to expect as a began my journey into this new world. Not wanting to feel overwhelmed I signed up to do just two days at the Battle Ground Village Outdoor Market. Yes, the first day I was full of jitters. Would I remember to bring everything, would my booth look like I didn’t know what I was doing, will anyone even be interested in my candles????


(yup, didn’t have time to wash or iron the tablecloths)

Other than that I love how it turned out. It was over 90 degrees that day so I was thrilled that people bought candles. Because of course that is what you think about doing when it’s hot “hey, I know lets light a candle and add more heat to this room”.


How cute is the sign…thanks to my Dad and All the Wright Words. I did add the tag though, go me.

On second day at the market I added a raffle. To enter people gave me their feedback on potential new fragrances for fall. I think my favorite part of being at the market was visiting with those that stopped by me booth.



Thank you to all of you that stopped by and entered the raffle. There were definitely some favorites among many of you. Here are a few of the fragrances that will be available this fall.

Autumn Woods, Christmas Wassail, Country Bumpkin, Mulled Cider, Pumpkin Walnut Biscotti, Spiced Cranberry and Sweet Potato Pie.

Tonight I did the drawing for the 16oz mason jar candle. Since the cardstock raffle cards were not the easiest to mix up I assigned each on a number.


I used a number generator app to select the winner. Congratulations Leah!!!


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