I don’t know about you, especially those of you who are stay at home moms, but I seem to have lost myself in the daily routine of being a housewife and a momma. When asked a while back if I had anything for me that I could get excited about, and I couldn’t think of anything. I love being able to come up with fun and educational things to do with my kids. However, I have come to realize that I need something more. Something that is for me and that I can share with others.

For Christmas, I thought it would be fun to come up with some homemade gifts to give to family and friends. While perusing Pinterest (seriously, who doesn’t love this website) I came across homemade candles. “Hmmmm”, I thought…”That might be kind of fun”. So off I went in search of some basic supplies and materials. Turns out, it was fun. To make it a little more personalized I recruited the talents of my computer savvy husband to make some “Country Girl Candle” tags for the candles. And while I liked the end result I wasn’t thrilled with how they turned out (I can sometimes tend to be a perfectionist).

What I did realize was that I loved the process of making the candles. And thus began the start of my new hobby. I have now done some research and put in my first order for supplies to begin my product development phase of this new adventure. Soooo excited, can’t wait for my package to arrive.

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