Kids love a nightly routine. Bath time…snack…pj’s…teeth brushing, and these are all great things. But once our daughter was old enough to sit and listen to a book we added something we thought was even more important, Bible Time. To be honest, focused time in the Word has always been a struggle for me. The distractions around me often win my attention (I’m a work in progress). Our desire is to be intentional with our time and showing the kids that setting time aside to focus on God is our priority.

We started small with reading a few verses each night. To make it fun we bought My First Read and Learn Favorite Bible Verses. Despite my grand goals of reading different verses every night, my sweet girl had a different plan. Let’s just say we read Phillipians 4:4 aaaallloooooot. One thing I continue to learn is that I need to stay flexible (not easy for someone who loves having a plan) and let God teach my kids.

Next we moved to The Beginner Bible by Zonderkids. There are lots of little kid Bibles to choose from, but this is the one we used for my niece when she was a toddler and I loved it.

Now that our oldest is preschool age we have also added the Read and Learn Bible to our collection. Since we also have a toddler we use both Bibles and they take turns choosing the stories we read.

I would love to say that every night is this sweet picture of a family learning together about what God has done and praying for His people. This is not the case. Sometimes this happens, but most nights our kids are kids. The youngest won’t sit still and would rather get into his toys than focus on Bible Time. And this is ok, they are kids and what is important is that we are setting an example of what we value.





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