Around the time that my oldest was turning three, we wanted to become more intentional in praying for others.  As a family we always ended our nightly Bible time with prayer. I wanted to make sure that the people we love didn’t get missed as we decided who to pray for each night. Thus the creation of our family prayer jar.

I had seen various versions on Pinterest. But for ours I wanted a durable and kid friendly container. I used a 15oz bread crumb container and covered it with scrapbook paper cut to size. For the words I used rub on letters (stickers would probably work just as well but of all the letters I had I likes these best).

We put in a large craft stick for each of our family members and friends that our kids knew. I made sure to put a little picture of each of the people on the sticks since my little ones are not yet reading.

The kids get so excited to pick out their sticks and see who we get to pray for. To ensure that we don’t get the same ones over and over we put the sticks in another container until everyone has been prayed for and then we’ll fill the jar back up again.


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