What a fun week it’s been. Not only did I get to hang out with a bunch of awesome women at our MOMS group Bunco fundraiser, but I also was able to put together a gift basket for one of the prizes. I have always wished that I had either a product or talent that I could donate to fundraising events. And hurray, now I do.

After bunco was over I also made my first sale, soooo excited. I took all of my scents for the winner to be able choose their favorites. It was so encouraging that people loved how I’d packaged them as well as the scents.  And while I didn’t anticipate anyone buying some that night I was more than excited when a sweet friend bought two.

(side note: I shouldn’t watch Jaws movies while trying to write a blog post if I actually want to finish it… unless the post is about the awesomeness of poorly made 3D movies from the 80’s)


I don’t know about you, but I get so frustrated when companies only offer deals to new customers. Seriously people, if we’ve been supporting your business for years we should get deals and discounts too.  That being said, I really want to make sure that all of those who are supporting this new venture know how much I appreciate them.

In addition to offering all of my Facebook followers a discount if they place an order I also did my first giveaway. I’m guessing there are high tech ways to select a winner. I’m old school though (just ask my tech savvy husband) and I printed off all the names, cut them apart and put them in one of my pouring pots.


I loved picking the winner and posting it on my page. And even better she told me she’d never won anything before, bonus.


All in all this week has been a great start to Unexpected Country Girl

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