Not sure why, with as organized as I am, that it has taken so long to get settled in and establish some sort of a routine. It was a fun and busy year around here.

The garden that I had such high hopes for quickly became an embarrassing excuse for a garden, which I take full responsibility for. I probably should have done my research before pruning off all the messy leaves off the pumpkin plants, who knew that was what they needed to grow (I am guessing most people probably do know this)

Needless to say I did not grow all the pumpkins I wanted for the preschooler pumpkin party. Despite my obvious gardening knowledge gap and the pouring down rain we still managed to have a very fun Pumpkin Party.

The winter went by uneventfully. Luckily we didn’t get snowed in or loose power. And we have managed to establish some sort of a routing between city time and country time. Our little ones have adjusted to the flexible lifestyle and love spending more time with G&G (grandma and grandpa)

With the arrival of spring Dad and I gave the garden a facelift and are optimistic that this year we will have more success.




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