It’s a beautiful winter day up here in the country.

The snow is swirling around our cozy little cabin. The pellet stove is ablaze while one of my candles fills the air with the wonderful aroma of …..grapefruit and mangos???? Not what I would have chosen for today, but the desire to test my first official 8oz candle is winning out over available warm wintery scents.

I’ve been testing different scents trying to figure out the 8 that will be the first of many more before launching my new company next month. I have been filling random jars since I hadn’t purchased the jars I reeeeeaaallly wanted. I’d found the jars online while doing a search for wholesale mason jars.  And was shocked at how much it would cost to ship these perfect jars.

I’d come to terms with the fact that financially I couldn’t justify spending that much and I’d just need to use the common jars I could find locally. After making a few phone calls I was so excited to find a store just across the river that sold the mason jars I had found online. Last weekend my little man and I took a trip to pick up my first supply of jars.

So why would I put grapefruit mango in the jar as a tester. Yes, it’s been a little chilly around here but I wasn’t planning on “Winter Blast 2014”. Up until this morning the view out my kitchen window could have been that of an early spring day. Am I sorry I chose to burn a refreshing summer scent, nope not at all, I love this scent and it will definitely be in the first batch of candles.

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